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Lok Lok

I visited a friend who is back here on holiday from Wales and she took me to have a look at her newly completed house in Klang. While there, we stopped by the developer’s office to taste the “lok lok” which the developer had prepared for the prospective house buyers. Nowadays, developers provide lunch to attract people to come and look at their properties on sale. And one developer even engaged a famous Hong Kong singer to entertain the prospective buyers. There are even actual houses built complete with furnishings on display. Gone are the days when we had to queue up in the early hours of the morning or camp overnight at the developer’s office to book a property. At that time, we only see the layout plan and mini model houses before deciding which house to buy. Sometimes we even had to pay “under counter” money just to secure a house.

Anyway, let’s enjoy the food while it lasts….. this is the “lok lok” I was talking about. 



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Jo’s Birthday Party At Kafe Zing Zang

Jo invited Ah Loot and I to her birthday party on 27 July 2007 at Kafe Zing Zang which is situated at Desa Aman Puri. We arrived at the cafe just in time for the buffet dinner. The chef and co-owner, Alwin Tan cooks American Italian and Malaysian Chinese meals without any MSG added.

The interior of the cafe has a relaxed atmosphere and it’s an ideal place to have a party for a group of about 30 people.

Come see some of the delicious food that was served.










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Who Murdered Altantuya?

Last week I was at the Shah Alam High Court and had the chance to attend the Altantuya murder trial. I was there for about an hour. The courtroom was packed and when I went in, I had to squeeze into the only available space on the public bench. The DPP, Tun Abd Majid was questioning a witness and everything seemed to proceed in slow motion. Nothing like what I see on TV. The witness had to wait a few moments after a question had been asked before answering and he had to answer slowly in order for everyone to write down what he had said. There was total silence from the public except for the clicking sound of the computer keyboard and an isolated cough every now and then.

I looked at the Judge, Justice Mohd Zaki …. he sure has a tough job because he has to decide whether one or all of the accused will hang or go free. If he lets them off, then what about Altantuya and her family? I had earlier watched a video clip about Altantuya posted in Susan Loone’s blog. Altantuya was a beautiful and vibrant woman and appeared to have a happy life. And she had two young sons. Someone had taken her life in such a cruel manner by blowing up her body to bits and leaving her two young sons motherless and her loved ones with untold misery.

My eyes turned towards the accused, C/Insp Azilah, Kpl Sirul Azhar and Abdul Razak Baginda. They all looked like the ordinary man in the street, you wouldn’t imagine them hurting anyone. Razak Baginda’s daughter sat next to him and she held her father’s hand. I’m sure they have a great father and daughter relationship. It must be a nightmare for her not knowing if her father will hang or not. The other two accused appeared calm and it was the first time I saw them without their faces covered.

I wonder what drives a person to commit murder? I was told that you can’t tell from a person’s face whether they are murderers or not. Anybody can kill depending on the circumstances. Killing is easy, living with that guilt is the hard part.

I just hope that at the end of all this, justice will prevail.

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Last year, Ah Loot, Paul Kiah, Peta and I took a drive 150 km down south from Kuala Lumpur to our hometown, the “Sleepy Hollow” Malacca.

A little history about Malacca …. It was founded in the 14th century by a fleeing prince from Sumatra named Parameswara who named his sultanate after the “Melaka” tree. Malacca developed into a major trading port for ships from India and China. The Portuguese conquered Malacca in 1511. Later in 1641 the Dutch took over and much later, the British ruled Malacca. The state finally gained independence in 1957.

We reached downtown Malacca in about two and a half hours and were fortunate to find a parking spot. We were surprised to find that we had to pay a parking fee even on weekends and public holidays.


We hired a “becha” or trishaw and were taken on a ride around the historical sites. We stopped by the St Paul’s Hill where the St Paul’s church is situated. It was built by the Portuguese.


At the foot of St Paul’s Hill is a replica of the Melaka Sultanate Palace.


The Fortress or A’Famosa which was built by the Portuguese.


The Stadhuys, Bell Tower and Christ Church which are of Dutch architecture. The Stadhuys was the official residence of the Dutch Governor of Malacca.


Baba and Nyonya doing the “joget” or Malay dance. The Babas and Nyonyas are descendants of a mixed culture of Malay and Chinese.





Later we walked down Jonker Street where you can find antiques on sale and many interesting items. The weather was really hot and sunny and the gentle breeze only made us feel tired and sleepy.

We decided to take cover in a cool place and Ah Loot suggested that we go to THE Hainanese chicken rice shop for lunch. We walked past one and both Paul Kiah and I asked, “Is this the one?”. Ah Loot said, “No”. We passed the next chicken rice shop and and looked at Ah Loot, and she said, “No, the chicken rice doesn’t smell like the “original” one”. After reaching the end of the road and still no chicken rice shop in sight, Paul Kiah said, “Chicken rice is chicken rice, what’s the difference?” So we ended up eating the chicken rice which was not the “original” one. The rice was shaped in balls too and I couldn’t tell the difference. After lunch, we visited places along Tranquerah road and our old haunts. Before we knew it, it was time to go home and we reached Kuala Lumpur in time for dinner.

Read more about Malacca here and here.

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Happy Birthday Mom


Happy 78th birthday mom. May you enjoy many more years of joy, happiness and good health.

The whole gang of us had dinner at the Six Happiness Restaurant.


The service at the restaurant was great. The food came shortly after we made the order.

We had crackers while waiting for the food.


Steamed fish…. yummy!


Sauna prawns with hot spicy “sambal belacan”.



Stir fry vegetable with garlic.


Yam basket.


Taufu with mushroom.


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Banana Leaf Rice


Last Sunday, Ah Loot and I stumbled into this Indian muslim “Mamak” restaurant. It has been some time since we last ate the banana leaf rice. Surprise, surprise, nowadays mamak stall also got wifi connection woh!


I took the vegetarian meal served on a plate which ought to be a banana leaf. Notice there are no forks and spoons here? That’s because banana leaf rice is best eaten with your fingers. The rice was way too much for me but after drowning it with curry I managed to finish it together with the vegetables and “popadam” (something like crackers). After the meal, I gulped down a glass of “teh tarik” or tea and left the restaurant wishing I hadn’t eaten so much.

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My Poems

Here are three poems I wrote when I was a teenager…. something for me to read and wonder if I’ll ever write poems again.

This poem was written for my best friends, Jen and Irene:


You are a friend that’s special and true,
Untainted just like the morning dew,
Though distance have kept us miles apart,
You’re fondly remembered in my heart.

The “Old Manse” brings back memories,
Of times shared I now dearly miss,
Many times I wish with all my heart,
We could re-live those days from the start.

This is a poem about a cat that wandered into my house when I was sixteen years old:


Brown and white colours her fur
She delights you with her purr
Her eyes shines green in the night
She runs when a dog’s in sight
Saw her creep towards a bird
A slow attempt that was her third
I made a noise and saw her jump
Then fell down without a bump
Named her after Dorothy
Till we found she was a he!

This poem was written after I attended a job interview:


She was a picture of serenity
I fretted with uncertainty
She looked at me with disapproving eyes
I felt the colour in my cheeks rise
A lady turned to her and said, “you’re next!”
I sat up and tried to look my best
She pouted her ruby red lips
And walked in with swinging hips
I knew then she would be their choice
For she had the figure and the poise
I had nothing to catch their eye
So I had to kiss the job goodbye.

Well, ok, I know I’ll never make a living writing poems, but there are still some more hidden in my drawer, maybe they’ll remain there forever.

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