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Tunku The Musical

At 6.45 p.m. I drove my mom, Ah Loot, Paul Kiah and Peta to the KLPac to attend Tunku The Musical. The musical was to start at 8.30 p.m but since I had not been to KLPac before, I decided to make an early start so that we could take a look at the place before the musical started. I even printed out a map and had mentally memorised the route.

I drove at a comfortable pace, took the flyover which was to lead me to Jalan Ipoh and asked Paul Kiah to look at the map and let me know when we pass 7-Eleven. Paul Kiah says, “You’re asking me, I can’t remember what Jalan Ipoh looks like”. So, I asked Ah Loot and she said it was too dark and she didn’t bring her glasses. So, then Paul Kiah said aren’t we supposed to make the U-Turn which we had just passed and I said, no. And then we passed through places which were familiar and suddenly it hit Ah Loot that we were going in the opposite direction. By then, it was too late and I had to make a U-turn at the roundabout. At the roundabout, I turned out too early and landed on the road heading back home! I couldn’t turn back and we got stuck in traffic for nearly an hour before we managed to get back on track. Fortunately we managed to reach KLPac 15 minutes before the musical started.

Although the title was Tunku The Musical, it had nothing to do with the Tunku. The story was based on events from the day of Independence until present day Malaysia. There was a live orchestra in the background and many great talents. Some scenes were controversial but most were reflective of the time in history. Maria Yasmin and Doreen Tang have such beautiful voices.

What distracted me most were the pictures that were projected on the screen at the top of the stage. It was interesting to look at the pictures of our past but it was too much to look at them as well as at the actors on stage. And at times, when an actor was singing on stage, a close up of him was projected on the screen. Other than that, I think it was a very good musical production.

After the musical ended, we went for supper and this time I didn’t get lost.


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The Rebel Tree

My mom, Ah Loot, Paul Kiah, Peta and I attended a play by JD Menon entitled “The Rebel Tree” at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Auditorium at the Malaysian Tourism Centre in Jalan Ampang. It was easy enough finding the place and no, I didn’t lose my way.

There weren’t many people at the play. The Act 1: Scene 1 was rather boring as the actors spoke in Tamil and we couldn’t understand any of it. Someone who was seated in front of us walked out at this point. The rest of the play was interesting, it told of the contribution of the Indians before Independence, where many worked in the rubber plantations as rubber tappers.

Peta felt that the lady who acted as the journalist from New York should at least have an accent to suit her role. I think Chandrika played her role very convincingly. My mom could relate to the time of the Japanese Occupation and the early days before Independence.

Overall, it was a good play and it was an enjoyable evening for me.

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Mel’s 21st Birthday




Mel celebrated her 21st birthday at Zing Zang Cafe and invited about 31 family members and friends to the party. Her actual birth date is 29 August but we decided to hold the party tonight as it was convenient for the guests to attend, it being a Saturday night.

The food was delicious and everyone had a great time. Paul Kiah brought wine and after a couple of drinks, everyone was in a merry mood.










Looking at Mel’s friends I can’t help but be reminded that time really flies and it seems like only yesterday when I was 21!

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On our way back from Pangkor Island we stopped by Kg Kuantan to see the fireflies. It was almost 8 p.m when we reached there because we lost our way several times trying to locate the seafood restaurant. In the end we decided to skip the seafood restaurant.

The road signs were very bad but we finally found the place and purchased tickets for the boat ride which cost us RM40. The place was dark and quiet and we put on our life jackets and walked down a flight of wooden stairs to board the boat. There were several adults and children waiting excitedly for the boat ride. We were not allowed to take flash photos, use insect repellant or make noise but there were some people who ignored these instructions.

Ah Loot, Paul Kiah, Peta and I got into the wooden boat and a man rowed the boat along the Selangor River. We saw thousands of fireflies twinkling on the branches of the Berembang trees along the river bank like a Christmas tree. The boatman stopped by a tree and we got a closer look at the fireflies. He told us that we would see more of the fireflies if there was no moon.

The boat ride was over in about half an hour. Peta decided to give the boatman a tip because the four of us weighed a ton.

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Ah Loot, Paul Kiah, Peta, mom and I decided to spend a short holiday in Pangkor Island. It took about 3.5 hours for me to drive from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut and Paul Kiah said we could have reached sooner if I had driven faster. Fortunately I kept within the highway speed limit because several cars received a speeding ticket from the Police along the way. Paul Kiah took over the wheel when we reached Bidor, and the car moved faster. At Lumut, we took a half hour ferry ride to Pangkor Island. Paul Kiah managed to buy some burgers at the jetty before we boarded the ferry and while eating, the flies came from every direction and attacked us.  

At the Pangkor jetty, I saw cockles and a crab on the rocks. 



We checked into Teluk Dalam Resort and spent two nights there eating and relaxing.




The food was very nice, although there were flies flying around everywhere. The food didn’t go too well for Peta. 

pangkor-4.jpg  pangkor-3-4.jpg




We had Jake   jake.jpg  

for company and  these kittens on the roof  belong to Jake, I think. 


The sunset on the beach was beautiful, and so were the flowers. 


 pangkor-11.jpg pangkor-9.jpg  
There wasn’t much to do at the resort, although at night there was a live band and karaoke. There is also a swimming pool and organised trips out of the resort.

After we left the resort, we went to Sitiawan (actually we accidentally found our way there). We passed through some familiar places where mom used to live and go to school. We didn’t manage to eat the “ang chow mee suah” as we were in a hurry to go home.

Somehow my family members aren’t blessed with a good sense of direction and so we didn’t find the highway but instead went on the coastal road. It was a pleasant drive home though as we could see padi fields, kampung houses and coconut palms swaying along the way.

Yessss, we did finally reach home safe and sound although Paul Kiah says I suffer from a bad case of “dejavu”.

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Mobile Stalls – Kacang Putih

Ever since I can remember, my family buys peanuts from the “kacang putih” man. He is nearly always an Indian man and you can see him with his mobile stall on the streets like this 


When I was a child, the mobile stall was smaller and the Indian man would wrap the peanuts in paper shaped like an ice cream cone, not in plastic bags as they do now. My dad used to buy my siblings and me one “ice cream cone” of peanuts whenever the “kacang putih” man comes around.

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Malaysian Desserts

Here are some colourful “kuih” or Malaysian desserts. We take them for breakfast for tea time, after lunch or dinner. Some are sweet, some are savoury. Ever tasted green coloured kuih like this “seri muka”?


The sweet desserts are shown here….




The savoury ones..





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