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Mooncake Festival

I was travelling home and couldn’t help noticing that the moon is really round and bright tonight. Of course, it is the Mooncake Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival/Lantern Festival. I remember when I was a child, my siblings and I would walk around the neighbourbood together with our neighbour’s children and carry lighted lanterns with shapes of fish, chicken or any animal. The lanterns made from transparent plastic lasted longer and could be stored away and reused the following year. The paper lanterns were more tricky as they would tip over and burn quickly if one is not careful. Nowadays, we have battery operated lanterns also besides those lighted with candles.

I don’t see many children in my neighbourhood carrying lanterns anymore. But mooncakes are still popular. We used to have only red bean paste and lotus paste for mooncakes but now, we have so many different flavoured mooncakes. I still prefer the original lotus paste flavour.

I used to buy mooncakes from “Oversea” or “Kam Lun Tai” but this year I was surprised to see a mooncake from Starbucks Coffee!


Ah Loot mentioned that she will try to make a mooncake one of these days but being the procrastinator that she is, that day will probably never come.

Happy Mooncake Festival to all.



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Chester, Charlie & Max

This is Chester, Mel’s pet dog.  He is big, friendly and really hyperactive.  He eats up almost anything so you can’t leave your shoes or socks lying around. 


This is Charlie, I’m not sure if it’s a he or a she.


It is more hyperactive than Chester.  It can’t sit still long enough for me to take a picture.

And this is my cat, Max. 


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Many Chinese restaurants here serve “steamboat”. I don’t know why they call it “steamboat” but it looks something like this.



We put seafood and vegetables into a pot of boiling stock over a burning gas stove. Then we pick out the food after they have been sufficiently cooked and eat them with specially made sauces. The stock could be just plain chicken stock or tom yam soup. After all the seafood have been eaten, we put in the noodles and eggs and eat them.


Whenever we feel like having a light meal, we will take steamboat for dinner.

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Lunch At O’Briens

obriens-sign.jpg We were at 1 Utama and looking for a place to eat and finally decided on O’Briens. The place was almost empty which was good for us as we don’t like crowded places. It is also an ideal place to grab a quick lunch.

Sal, Mel and Ang Gu had the turkey slice and cheddar tootsie while Ah Loot and I shared the chicken & crispy turkey tripledecker.


It looks and tastes yummy. The potato crisps that came with the sandwiches were tasty, too.

Peta had the salami & cheese tootsie while Paul Kiah had the Mexican chilli chicken hot wrap.


I tried some of it and it doesn’t taste good. Notice that the potato crisps have been messed up? Paul Kiah did that when I wanted to take a picture of it. He thinks I was crazy to take pictures of what we were eating.

The coffee was good and the cappucino had an interesting clover leaf pattern on top of it.

americano.jpg cappucino.jpg
After the delicious meal at O’Briens, we went shopping. The shopping mall was not crowded as it was a working day and Paul Kiah wondered how the shop owners could keep their businesses afloat by depending on the weekend shoppers and tourists.

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Dinner At Bel Pasto

We went for dinner at an Italian restaurant in Desa Amanpuri called Bel Pasto.


The owner looks European but we’re not sure if he’s Italian. Anyway, we have been there a couple of times before and I like the feel of the place. The lighting and background music gives me a relaxed feeling. Tonight, the music was a mixture of Italian music and songs by Engelbert Humperdinck. What has Engelbert Humperdinck got to do with an Italian restaurant? I’m not quite sure but Pavarotti would have fitted better.

Anyway, Paul Kiah asked Peta, who is more familiar with Italian food to place the orders. Peta had spaghetti bolognese.


My mom, Ah Loot, Paul Kiah and I had spaghetti Marinara.



We also had yummy garlic bread and drinks of our choice.


If I had any more room in my stomach, I would have taken the tiramisu cake as well.

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