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Bamboo Park Restaurant

My mom, Ah Loot and I took the opportunity to go shopping over the long Hari Raya holidays. We planned to go to the Gardens at Mid-Valley Megamall and also the Pavilion to check out these two new shopping centres. So we went to the Gardens on the first day of Hari Raya as we thought it would be less crowded with most people being away from the city. We were wrong, as there was a traffic jam getting into the parking area at Mid-Valley Megamall. We also lost our way getting there as I was busy talking to Ah Loot and took one too many wrong turnings. Anyway, when we finally got a parking space, we headed straight to the Gardens to check out the new outlets. As we were browsing through the merchandise on display at one shopping outlet, my mother fell down and being the gutsy lady that she is, she said she was okay. But I knew she wasn’t okay because she fell rather heavily. Since she insisted she was fine, we decided to get out of the Gardens to Mid-Valley Megamall. By then, it was raining heavily. The covered pathway was bursting with people and we had to use umbrellas to walk across from the Gardens to the walkway leading to Mid-Valley Megamall. It was very chaotic. Moreover, at the end of the walkway, there was a bit of a water ponding and the people tried to avoid walking into the ankle deep water and instead walked on the side kerbs. There were many young people and they just couldn’t care less that there were elderly folks as well as children and pushed and jostled their way to get ahead. We continued shopping until about 7 pm when we decided to get dinner. We went to Dragon-i restaurant but there was a bit of a queue so we decided to go elsewhere. We finally ended up at the Bamboo Park restaurant at Taman Usahawan, Kepong which is located next to Carrefour. We had beancurd, marmite spare ribs and mixed vegetables with rice. It was quite delicious.




By the time the food arrived on our table it was almost 8.30 p.m. and half-way through dinner, my mom said her hand was beginning to feel painful. I also noticed that the swelling had become bigger and so I sent her to the clinic after dinner. The doctor said that she probably had a fracture and needed an x-ray done to confirm that and referred her to the hospital. We went to Tawakal Hospital and by that time it was about 10.30 p.m. We waited for an hour because the x-ray guy had to travel from home to the hospital. The doctor confirmed she had a fractured hand and wanted to get her admitted to the hospital as he said that it was a public holiday and if she got herself admitted, the orthopaedic surgeon would see her the following day. If she didn’t get herself admitted, the surgeon would only see her two days later. My mom didn’t want to stay in the hospital so a temporary cast was put on her hand and we went home at almost 1 a.m.

What a start to our long weekend, we didn’t get to go to the Pavilion after all.


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Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Today, my muslim friends will celebrate after fasting for one month.  Many have left for their respective hometowns and some others have taken this opportunity to go away for a holiday.  For me, I prefer to stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet here.  No traffic jam and shopping will be less suffocating.  I went for the Jusco sale earlier in the evening and I didn’t get a migraine.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to all my muslim friends.

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Ten Commandments For Travellers

On one of my overseas trips last year, I got a list entitled “Ten Commandments For Travellers” and I’d like to share this list with you:-

🙂 Thou shall not expect to find things precisely as they are at home, for thou hast left home to find different things.

🙂 Thou shall not take things too seriously, for a carefree mind is the basis for a good vacation.

🙂 Thou shall not let other tour members get on thy nerves, for thou art paying thy money to enjoy thyself.

🙂 Thou shall not worry, he that worrieth hath little joy.

🙂 Thou shalt not judge all the people of a country by one person with whom thou hast had a problem.

🙂 Blessed are those who can wail and smile, for they shall surely enjoy themselves. More blessed art thou for being punctual and discipline.

🙂 Thou shall do somewhat as the natives do, but remember to use Malaysian friendliness.

🙂 Thou shall handle thy passport at all times with care, for thou who lost the passport will lose thy Nationality.

🙂 Thou art welcome where thou treat thy host with respect.

🙂 Blessed is he who listens and does all instructions by the tour guide.

I find the above list very helpful when travelling and I hope you will too. Bon voyage.

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Send Chester To Sydney

I read a very interesting article in the Star newspaper today.  It said don’t despair if your new pet prefers thrashing the house and wrecking the garden to walking on a lead and fetching a ball.  The more hyperactive the dog the better it’s likely to be at catching drug smugglers and keeping out nasty diseases, one of Australia’s foremost dog trainers said yesterday.

“We’re looking for dogs between 10 months and three years old that demonstrate attributes of destructive behaviour”, Sydney-based Andrew Biggs said.  “So that’s ripping up backyards, jumping fences and being highly food-driven.  These are the ingredients we’re looking for.”

Biggs said the Labradors and Beagles selected in a national recruitment drive would be those so badly behaved their owners were delighted to give them up.

After a three-month training course they could be working on the frontline of border security.  Some could join Australian dogs already working at airports and seaports in the United States, Japan and Hong Kong.

Well, MeL I think Chester fits the bill and you should send him off to Sydney.

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Breaking Fast At Pyramid Tower Hotel



I went to the Pyramid Tower Hotel with my colleagues for the break fast buffet. As expected, the place was crowded with people but the buffet line was long and placed at a few locations around the dining area so we didn’t have to queue up for our food. Air Asia was having a “berbuka puasa” function there and I saw Datuk Tony Fernandez mingling around with many children and adults (presumably his employees). I almost walked up to him to ask when Air Asia X would be flying to Manchester as my friends Helen and Sheau want to be the first ones to book the flight. But I didn’t.

The food at Pyramid Tower was very delicious, just look at the oysters and fresh prawns, yummy.


The wanton noodles was tasty ….


and so was this “roti”. Looks like roti canai but tastes like naan. Don’t know what it is lah.


And for dessert, there is “pulut hitam” and cakes. This time I didn’t take any ice-cream.



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Last month, I took mom to the General Hospital in Kuala Lumpur for her routine check-up and medication.  When I reached the entrance of GHKL, I was greeted with a parking booth with several cars ahead of me.  GHKL has now engaged a company to manage the parking and drivers will be charged a parking fee.  I wondered if an ambulance or a car carrying a dying or injured person would be able to go through that “traffic jam” at the parking booth to reach Emergency in time. 

After some time, I managed to drop my mother outside the clinic where she had her medical appointment and drove off to find a parking spot.  Horror of horrors, all the places where I thought I could park were marked “Kakitangan”, which made me wonder where the public parking area, if any, was.  Those marked for the public were few and completely full.  I went around for fifteen minutes and couldn’t find any parking spot so I decided to go another round.  Another fifteen minutes and still no parking space so I asked the lady at the parking booth where else I could park my car.  She replied that I should park at the “kuil Hindu”.  So I “pusing keluar, belok kiri lepas tu belok kanan” as instructed and ended up at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.  I’m a complete blur when it comes to directions but in the end, I managed to find a parking spot, not at the “kuil Hindu”.

From there, I walked to GHKL and waited for my mother who had by then gotten herself registered and was waiting for the doctor to see her.  All that “pusing” around GHKL took me almost 45 minutes.  I noticed that there are shuttle stops constructed all along the GHKL grounds and I wonder if it will serve any purpose.  Who would use the shuttle?  The patients? But if they’re too sick, and they must be sick or they won’t be going to the hospital in the first place, they need to be taken to the entrance of the relevant clinic for their treatment, by their family members or friends.  If the shuttle is for the visitors, then where can they park their cars before hopping on the shuttle? 

Anyway, the good thing that happened that day was that my mother didn’t have to wait for hours to receive treatment as she used to in the past. I hope that spells an improvement in the medical services at GHKL and will stay that way in the future. 

Anybody out there can give me directions to the “kuil Hindu” because I will need to send my mother for her next appointment in December.  In the meantime, stay healthy always.

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Woh Peng Restaurant At South Quay

I was invited to lunch at Woh Peng restaurant at South Quay.  The place is below sea level and the restaurant overlooks a man-made lake.  It is an open air restaurant with a metal roof covered with attap leaves.   The name Woh Peng was chosen because it means peace and that’s what you will feel while enjoying your meal with the light breeze blowing through the restaurant.

We had a meal of steamed patin fish, bah kut teh, pork trotters in vinegar and vegetable soup.  The patin fish was fresh and delicious and overall, it was a satisfying meal.  

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