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Breaking Fast At Sheraton Hotel Subang

I joined my colleagues for a break fast buffet dinner at Sheraton Hotel. The road leading to the hotel was very congested as roadworks were on-going. I finally reached the hotel at about 7.30 p.m, by which time, my muslim friends had already broken fast. There were a variety of food and as usual I had too much to eat. There was a band with a lady singer.


Although I mentioned earlier that I really should not eat ice-cream, the temptation was just too great ….


At first I just took the ice kacang but then I passed by the ice-cream station and couldn’t help topping it up with ice-cream and fruits. The diners must have been really hungry, look at this, only bones left.



And this is how roti canai is made.


After we had tucked in all the food, someone put a really, and I mean really huge banana on my table. I didn’t have a ruler to measure it but you can imagine how big it is as I have put a butter knife next to it for comparison. 


The buffet spread here was not as good as the one I had at the Sun & Surf, Sunway Resort Hotel.


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Scratch Pole For Max

dscf1015.JPG Max got a new scratch pole a month ago but he hasn’t been scratching at it like I thought he would.  He still likes to scratch the old footstool that he had been scratching on before he got the scratch pole.  Even the new toys Peta bought for him didn’t interest him that much.   He finds it more exciting jumping into the washing machine and biting at newspapers. max-washer.JPG  


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Breaking Fast

It’s this time of the year again when my muslim friends go on a month long fast from dawn to dusk.   I joined some of my colleagues at the Sun & Surf Cafe in Sunway Resort Hotel for the breaking of fast.   The place was very crowded but service was good.  There was a wide spread of dishes and I had a tough time deciding which dish to take because I couldn’t possibly eat everything.   I tried some of the local dishes and think that they taste better at the hawker stalls. And as usual, I always take the ice-cream for dessert, although I now realise that ice-cream is not good for health.  Why?  Well, I’ll tell you about it later.   

The price of the buffet dinner during the fasting month is higher than usual but surprisingly the hotel is packed with diners.  I think it’s the same with all other hotels.   I will be trying out other eating places next week, just hope I don’t put on those extra pounds.  And I must remember not to touch the ice-cream.

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