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No Nail Polish For Me


I must remember to remove my nail polish on polling day!


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Invest In MENA?

My friend, Ching, and I attended an investment talk by Hong Leong Bank at Hilton Hotel, KL Sentral on Tuesday night. The fund that was introduced to us was the CIMB-Principal MENA Equity Fund. MENA stands for Middle East & North Africa region.

It took me more than hour to reach the Hilton as I was caught in heavy traffic near the KL Sentral area and had difficulty locating the hotel. When I finally found the car park, I saw two security guards stationed near the entrance. One guard signalled to me to stop my car. Then he took some device to scan all around my car while the other security guard checked the car boot. After all that was done, they moved to the side and signalled for me to enter the car park. The same thing was repeated for each and every car that entered the hotel. Poor guards, they have such a boring job.

Once I entered the lobby of the hotel, I was greeted by courteous, alert and friendly staff. I had no difficulty finding my way to the ballroom where the talk was held.

We had a drink and Ching asked me what it was. I couldn’t figure it out either.


All the tables had a goldfish bowl in the centre. As we sat down and enjoyed our meal, it was nice to see the fishes swimming around in the fish bowl. To the Chinese, fish symbolises abundance, wealth and prosperity. Yeah, I can see money swimming my way. There was also Middle Eastern music in the background.


I had the following food; the main course was made up of Middle Eastern cuisine.






After dinner, we were surprised with a belly dance performance.


Wah, very hot.




After the belly dance performance, the speaker explained why we should invest in MENA. The main reasons are:-

1) Strong and stable economic growth in the MENA region.

2) The MENA markets have bottomed out.

3) MENA markets have low correlation compared to world markets.

I think the above investment is worth exploring but I’m no expert, I need to read more on this. To know more about the investment (not the belly dance, ah) please contact Hong Leong Bank.

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Max And Water Don’t Mix

Every time I bathe Max, I will get scratches on my hands and legs.  He gets absolutely crazy when it’s his bath time.  Here he is after his  bath and when I tried to get near him, he ran to my neighbour’s house.


Max in neighbour’s porch.


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Go And Fly Kite

As you travel on the MRR2 after Batu Caves and head towards Kepong, you will pass by this signboard.


In the evenings you can find cars parked along the roadside near the entrance to the kite flying area (I think there’s not enough of car park space inside the park) as families go there to fly kites, jog or have picnics. There is also a big lake and you can see the Petronas Twin Towers from here.


You can also find beautiful kites for sale such as these.



As I looked at the kites flying in the sky, I couldn’t help but remember my ex-boss’ favourite reply whenever someone makes an unreasonable request …..”Ask him to go and fly kite-lah”.

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Ah Loot and I stopped by Leo’s Cafe for a light lunch before doing our grocery shopping at Carrefour Kepong.



We had the tomato soup.


And mushroom chicken bucket rice…. tastes okay although a little bit too salty for me.


This Pyramid Taufu was excellent.


The Enrich Coffee tasted good.


They also serve gelato. Read here what they say about gelato, I never knew they were different from ice cream.



Gelatos look like cream to me.



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Vote Wisely

I have been told to “vote wisely” in this coming 12th General Elections, so I looked at the list of candidates running for my constituency (State Assembly and Parliamentary) and guess what?  All the candidates drew a blank, I don’t know who they are.  They are probably new faces or maybe not.  In any case, if they are old faces, they didn’t do anything significant for me to remember them.  Maybe it would be a good idea to attend one of those “ceramahs” (talks) to hear what these candidates have to say. 

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Doggie Named Snow

This doggie belongs to Ah Loot’s friend. His name is Snow and he looks kinda fierce and unfriendly. But he’s actually a nice and obedient dog.




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