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Ching and I went to the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac) in Sentul to watch the dance drama entitled “Passion” on Sunday afternoon.   Since this is my second time to this place, I had no difficulty finding it.  After driving past the guardhouse at the entrance, I entered a road with trees on either side leading to the KLPac building.  There were colourful banners hanging on them.


There are old buildings alongside the road leading to the KLPac building.   I saw a train passing through, too.





There are two car park locations.  The one shown below is near the KLPac building but with limited car park space.  Further away, there is a bigger parking space.  The best part is you don’t have to pay for parking!


Ahh, the KLPac building…



Passion, inspired by Carlos Saura’s film “Tango”, is created and directed by Joe Hasham.  The choreographer and collaborator is Judimar Hernandez.  The cast consists of Malaysia’s top dancers and choreographers. 

While waiting for the show to start, I wandered around the premises.  There is a lake and I saw someone playing on a swing in the distance.



Some young people were having their snacks and smokes while sitting on these chairs made of steel.  Rather unique design.


The show was held at Pentas 2 at the Ground Floor of KLPac.  It was free seating so we plonked ourselves on the first available seat we saw.  I wouldn’t say that the one hour show was fantastic, some parts were a bit boring and I almost fell asleep as the lighting was dim and the only sound I heard at times was “ding, ding, ding, ding, zzzzz”.  Ching enjoyed the show, though. 

This is what the inside of KLPac looks like.  There are a couple of cafes here where you can have a quick bite before the show.




There were some nice paintings displayed on the wall.  I’m not sure if they are for sale.  They are the works of Frederick Epistola from the Philippines. Look at the eyes …..  You can find more details about him at www.frederickepistola.com









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Regal House Restaurant


Ah Loot, Anne and our long-time friend, Jackie went for lunch at this Chinese restaurant in Kepong Baru called Regal House Restaurant.  The premises was previously occupied by Parkson Ria.  The outside of the building looks very old and run-down, but the inside is all new and comfortable. 


There was probably a wedding banquet the previous night.



Surprise of surprises, the elderly gentleman who took our orders understood English!  We had the following dishes i.e the Marmite spare ribs, stir fried mixed vegetables, herbal chicken and fish in black sauce.  The Marmite spare ribs were really delicious, yummy.



Ah Loot and I had this peanut “tong sueh”.  Nice, but I kept thinking about what Anne said (jokingly) that we could make it at home using peanut butter.  Peanut butter?!!!  Yuck.


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True Fitness

I received a call quite some time ago from True Fitness offering me and a friend a two-week free trial of their gym facilities.  My friend, SH and I decided to try out this gym as it was at a convenient location at Taipan, USJ. 

On the first day, we  were shown around the 3 floors of the building and I was impressed by the great number of facilities provided.  There were many exercise machines and body building equipment and the place was very spacious.  You don’t have to wait your turn to use the equipment. The room where the group exercises are conducted such as Belly Jam, Line Dance, Pilates, etc was big enough to accommodate at least 30 people. But I think such sessions should be conducted in smaller groups because everyone is in a different level of competency and fitness.  So, for eg, I joined the line dance class for the first time on Wednesday night.  Several in the class were “veterans”, but the instructor had to go through the beginner’s routine for the sake of the newcomers.  And then she proceeded to the harder routine which the beginners like me couldn’t follow.  So, in the end, I gave up.  

All around you see mirrors so sometimes when you are not careful you might walk straight into it.  And I like looking at myself in these mirrors…. why?  Because I look slimmer than I actually am, I think.  Maybe the mirrors are playing tricks on my eyes. 

They also have a room just for women to exercise in complete with washroom.  The changing room is big and there are many lockers, bathrooms and shower rooms.  You won’t bump into each other while changing.  Also there is a sauna and a steam bath facility inside the changing room.  They don’t provide any towels though and you have to bring your own padlock for the locker. Another facility that is provided here is a place where parents can leave their children while they exericse.

At the next shoplot, they conduct yoga classes.  We saw one class in session called hot yoga.  The room where this hot yoga is conducted is heated up to some high temperature (can’t remember exactly what temperature).

Our two weeks trial is almost up and I enjoyed doing my exercises there.  However, the joining and subscription fee is a little bit too steep for me. I mean, the facilities provided are excellent and the fee is reasonable, but it becomes expensive when I am not disciplined enough to attend gym regularly. 

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The Saga Of 37 Puppies Continues

In my earlier post I told you about the 37 puppies that have been rescued by Jacqueline Tsang.  John Fam has informed me that out of the 37 puppies, there are only 16 left.  Jacqueline has told John that the last 16 are not cutie type that you want to cuddle and take home.  Some of them look like “gypsies, tramps and thieves” and they are like that because they have been badly abused and one of them may be mentally unstable.  At 8 weeks, she does not like people near her and can be aggressive.  Jacqueline will be bringing this lot to a farm in Pantai Remis and hope that in the country side they will be able to recover.

There was a Min Pin that she rescued that had Pyometra.   Min Pin is short form for “Miniature Pinscher” and Pyometra is a deadly disease that requires treatment.  A Vet in OUG did the operation and told Jacqueline that she could not afford his charges and because she’s a passionate animal activist, he waived his medical charges.  It is an expensive operation and both Jacqueline and John are grateful to this Vet in OUG.

Due to the fantastic response, Jacqueline is going to other animal rescue homes to see if she can help them get their dogs or puppies up for adoption.   She may be having a “doggie” Jamboree at her home this weekend.

John Fam and Jacqueline thank all those who had responded or helped in one way or another in making the adoption of the puppies possible.  For further enquiries please email johnfam63@yahoo.com

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Doing the Cha Cha


Max’s rival doing the cha cha.

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Puppies For Adoption

Today I received an email from a friend about puppies for adoption.  A lady by the name of Jacqueline Tsang has asked for help to adopt puppies she had rescued from the Dewan Bandaraya City Pound in Setapak.  She has 37 puppies in various conditions and has spent her own money feeding them and getting a number of Vets to help her out. Of the 37 puppies, some are in poor condition and many of them are still with the Vet under observation.  Jacqueline said that those puppies that are put up for adoption must be in reasonably good condition and be approved by the Vet that they are ready for adoption. Some of the puppies do not look like strays.

The puppies are about 6 to 8 weeks old.  Jacqueline does not want your money, she spends about RM6,000 per month out of her own pocket on animal rescue.  All she wants is for these little puppies to have a good home and if there is anyone interested in adopting the puppies or know someone who might want to adopt them, please email johnfam63@yahoo.com for details.

Here are some pictures of the puppies and of Jacqueline and a helper, Eric taken on 17 March 2008.  The puppies are really adorable and if you can provide a good home for them, please respond immediately.









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