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I have been slack in updating my blog these past few days because of a breakdown in my home internet connection (and that’s a story to be told at another time).  I’ve finally got it fixed but not without some “head hitting against the wall” encounters with Streamyx and TM Point.

Anyway, today I’m going to write about these annoying telemarketers again.  Do you notice that they have become more aggressive lately?  I suppose times are tough right now and people are not spending as much as they used to.  I got one call on Monday from a sweet sounding lady telling me that I have been specially invited to a new product launch.  I asked her what product and she said it was a multi-purpose kiosk.  People can come to this one-stop kiosk to pay bills and make reloads.  So I told her I don’t pay bills at a kiosk, I do mostly online payments through my bank.  Then she said, no, no, you don’t need to pay bills at this kiosk, all we want is for you to come and listen for half an hour and we’ll give you a free voucher for a 3-night hotel stay at one of four locations within Malaysia.   So I agreed to go the following day after work as the place where the “launch” was to be held is on the way home.   Of course, I knew that the free voucher is not really free, for sure they are selling something and they want me to come and listen to their sales pitch and hope I’ll buy whatever they are selling. 

On the day that I was to attend the “launch”, I decided not to go.  I was about to call the lady to cancel the appointment when she called me to remind me to attend.  I told her that I had decided not to go.  The lady asked me why and I said that I had other things to attend to.  Then she said, how come the previous day I said I could come and now I say I can’t come.  She also said she had printed out the voucher in my name already.  She sounded like as though I had caused her some inconvenience and that I owe her an explanation.  That was when I got annoyed and told her that it was she who called me to attend this “launch” and I didn’t ask to go.  Also, why do I need to give her a reason for changing my mind about going.   Grrrr, next time, I’m not going to entertain all these idiotic callers.

Ah Loot told me that she accompanied a friend to one of those product launches and when they didn’t want to buy the product, the guy scoulded them for making him talk to them for 30 minutes.  If they were not interested, they should have told him after five or ten minutes of listening.  Anyway, Ah Loot’s friend got the free voucher for a hotel stay even though they didn’t buy anything. 


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Organic food at the Green Alert Organic

Ah Loot’s friend took her to an organic shop at Jinjang North in Kuala Lumpur for lunch.  The shop sells organic food and serve cooked food as well.  The food looks delicious. 

The next picture is a takeaway.  I tried brown rice once and I think it tastes terrible.  I guess need to get accustomed to the taste.

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I have only taken the commuter train three times.  The first trip was to get to the old railway station to purchase NICE coach tickets, the second trip was to rhe old railway station to catch the NICE coach to Singapore and the third was to KL Sentral to catch a bus to LCCT.  On all occasions I had someone send me to the train station which is some distance away from my house.  As you can guess, there are no buses going that way from my area.  Although the train ride itself was fast, a lot of time was wasted getting to the train station. 

Even if the fuel price goes up further next year, I would still have to drive because it would be too time consuming to take the train.  There are no LRT stations near my area and the buses are totally unreliable.  How I wish the transport system runs as efficiently as those in Hong Kong. 

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Ever tried the food in Ijok?

Ah Loot’s friends took her all the way to Ijok to savour the food at this restaurant….

Pig’s stomach soup

Glutinous rice
Sweet potato cracker

After the above dinner, they went to Jinjang to have bah kut teh!

Bah kut teh

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Happy Father’s Day

My dad has gone to be with the Lord almost four years ago but the memory of him still lives in my heart.  I know that I’ve taken him for granted many times when he was alive but despite all that he has loved me unconditionally. 

I remember the time when I was out of a job for a couple of months because the company I worked for had gone bust and he bought me a puppy to keep me company at home so that I wouldn’t feel so depressed.  The puppy, a German Shepherd whom we named Snoopy would eventually become my dad’s companion when I got another job.

Then there was a time when a snake slithered into our kitchen while I was having dinner.  I screamed and my dad came running to my rescue and believe you me, he whacked the snake so hard that it died.  The first wooden stick he used broke and the snake only fell dead after the second strike with the shortened stick.  Thank God that the snake didn’t kill my dad instead. 

When I got my first car several years after I passed my driving test, I was afraid to drive to work.  My dad accompanied me in the car when I drove to work in the morning.  And then he drove the car home while I took a bus home in the evening.  This went on for about three weeks until I was confident of driving on my own.

When I was a little child I would wait for my dad to come home from work and he would always pick me up to give me a cuddle and rub his cheek against mine to tickle me with the stubble on his face.

My dad loved plants, flowers and animals and we always had an animal living with us… err, I mean dogs mostly.  He also inculcated the reading habit in me by buying lots of comics and books while I was growing up. 

I don’t have a dad to celebrate Father’s Day anymore but I would like to wish every dad out there a “Happy Father’s Day”.  

Dad, your strength, wisdom, dedication and love are constant reminders of the Lord’s blessing.  You are a blessing to me.  Thank you for being my friend, for teaching me, for sharing my adventures in life, for all that you have done for me and for being a wonderful father.

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Weekends are for sleeping

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Birds on a tree

I spotted these two birds (I think they are crows) while I was walking to the bank the other day.  Since I had some time to kill, I took a picture of them.   And as expected, people who walked by looked up to see what I was doing.  Aiyah, take pictures also they want to see. 

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