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This guy here is selling some kind of cold drink, looks like cendol or cincau mixed with other jellies.

A man waiting for people to take his motorised trishaw or “becak”.


This one has satay.

Not too sure what this stall sells.

Another becak.

This lady is selling fruit juices.


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At the Pasar Ikan you can find rows and rows of shops selling all kinds of clothes and home furnishings. 

A shop selling batik material.  However, there are no price tags so you will have to bargain and at the end you wouldn’t know if you’ve got a good deal or you have been ripped off.

I popped into this shop and there were so many lovely curtains hanging on the wall, really beautiful ones.

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As you walk around the streets of Medan, you will surely bump into a cigarette peddlar such as the one seen below here (next to the bus).  He carries around a tray containing many brands of cigarettes and people will buy one or two sticks of cigarettes from him.

The different types of Indonesian cigarettes:-

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Roads are narrow in Medan, and you can see a variety of vehicles moving along the road.

The colourful vehicles are mini buses.  See the lady getting off the bus in the middle of the road. 

How come all these motor vehicles stop in the middle of the road?

Because a train was passing through.

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Shopping for batik

Our group was taken to this batik shop.  The batik materials are nice but you have to bargain with the shop assistants.  I didn’t buy anything here, but I bought several souvenirs from the guys who followed us in their motorcycles. 

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We had dinner at Cemara Asri seafood restaurant in Medan.  The restaurant occupies about half a dozen shoplots.  Tables are laid outside the restaurant as diners prefer to eat under the stars.  Perhaps because it’s cooler outside than inside the restaurant.   Below are some of the numerous waitresses and waiters.

The special menu for the evening.

Before the food was served, we ate the crackers, it’s not fish or potato crackers, not sure what it was.  We also had a cold glass of coconut water, very refreshing.

We had the vegetables.

This fish looked so delicous that before I could take the picture, someone tore off a part of it to eat.


 I have never eaten so much fish in one sitting before.  But they were all very delicious.  If I have the chance, I will come back here again. 

We had the local fruits for dessert.  The papaya tastes a bit different.

These two cats look well-fed don’t they?  I bet they had some fish to eat too.

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Going downhill from Brastagi back to Medan requires a very skillful driver.  Look at how narrow the road is?  And it’s for two-way traffic.  At certain stretches we had to stop to allow the vehicles from the opposite direction to pass through, leaving barely inches between each vehicle.

Almost every house has got this big antenna sticking out on the rooftop, even in a house that looks like a shack.

Many street stalls.

Some nicer looking houses.

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