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Fish & Co restaurant at 1 Utama

This is the first time that I’ve tried this restaurant which is located at 1 Utama.  The food served kinda reminded me of those served in Manhattan Fish Market restaurant.

Ah Loot looking hard at the menu.  She can’t decide what to eat.

Ah Loot had cafe latte.  I had the fruit juice which has passion fruit, pineapple and a few other fruits.  Peta had the passion fruit juice.

Paul Kiah consumed this seafood platter which comes with….. yes, you guessed it, rice.

This is Ah Loot’s New York fish and chips which costs more than my fish and chips but looks and tastes no different.  The only difference we saw was that one has an American flag and the other doesn’t have any.

This is my fish and chips.  Anyway, the food was delicious.


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While shopping at 1 Utama recently, I spotted some nice kid’s art on the wall of a section of the shopping centre. 

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While we were at Chinatown, we had dinner at Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant.  Since it was the fasting month, there were only a few of us in the restaurant.  However, the place was noisy because the waitresses were talking at the top of their voices as if there wasn’t anybody at the restaurant.  It was totally annoying as they were chatting and laughing and making a din in a restaurant where customers come in to enjoy a nice and quiet meal.  When we were ready to take our order, one waitress came by and halfway through taking the order, she stopped us and called another guy to come and take over from her.  Later we discovered that she had done that to answer her mobile phone (????).  Can you imagine that? 

The muffins tasted great as usual.

All of us ordered the quarter chicken with different side orders.  Paul Kiah’s was the spicy one with rice (real China pek).

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It has been ages since I’ve been to Chinatown.  I took Paul Kiah, Ah Loot and Peta there because Paul Kiah wanted to buy the WiiFit at S & M.  It was drizzling when we arrived at Petaling Street.  We parked the car at one of the open car park space.  Paul Kiah bargained the parking fee from RM5 to RM4 per entry.  I’m surprised that the parking attendant agreed to give a discount.  The buildings at Chinatown are the same, except that some have a new coat of paint.  The shops sell basically the same things… wholesale costume jewelleries, hair accessories, soft toys, beads, etc.  In between there are eating shops, coffin shops, pet shops, flower shops, colleges and retail outlets.  You can spend the whole day here shopping.

We went to Petsmore to have a look at the dogs and cats and then off to Central Market.

This artist is from Shanghai.  She does beautiful name prints.

After that, we went to S & M where Paul Kiah bought the WiiFit and also several CDs. After all that shopping, we went past Petaling Street where more items were bought.  The stalls are mostly manned by foreigners.  Chinatown has lost a bit of its magic.  Oh, yes, I bought my favourite “buah berangan” or chestnuts fried in coffee beans here.

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Paul Kiah wanted a taste of some steamboat so we went to Bandar Manjalara. However, we couldn’t find the usual restaurant although I went around two times.  In the end, we decided to just drop into this Ho Ho steamboat restaurant.  They don’t have tomyam soup so Paul Kiah was disappointed.  Anyway, the clear soup was not too bad.

All the food goes into this hot boiling soup before eating.

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Tony Orlando Live In Genting

Ah Loot, our friends and I went up to Genting Highlands on 13 September 2008 to catch Tony Orlando’s concert.  I booked a package online and the price was RM388 for two persons which included the following:-

  • One night stay in a deluxe room at First World Hotel
  • Buffet breakfast for two persons
  • Meal voucher for two persons
  • Return Genting Skyway Ride (cable car)
  • Visit to the Gems of the World for two persons
  • Two Tony Orlando concert tickets (PS3).

The above also included discounts to the theme park and extension stay.  Paul Kiah was supposed to go but at the last minute he couldn’t make it.  Anyway, we drove up to Genting Highlands using the MRR 2.

The toll fare at the Gombak toll gate was RM5.00.

The road leading to Genting Highlands was winding but manageable, it wasn’t as bad as in the early days before the road was upgraded.

We turned off into Gohtong Jaya to take the cable car.  I missed the car park but managed to reverse in time.  The drive to the cable car from KL took us about 45 minutes.

The cable car ride up to Genting Highlands took us about 15 minutes or so.  It was misty at that time (4 p.m.)

We checked into the First World hotel and that process took us more than half an hour because there were so many people checking in at that time.  We were given a number and this reminded me of the times when I had to wait my turn in a bank or hospital.  I suppose we can’t complain because given that this hotel has 6,118 rooms, they have managed it very well. 

When our number was called, we were attended to very fast but the guy failed to give us our package vouchers (for the meals and cable car, etc), even though we asked for it.  He told us that there were no vouchers, all we needed was to show the computer print-out that I brought along when I purchased the package to get our meals and entrance to the Gems of the World and cable car ride.

So, off we went to our room.  We expected it to be small and basic, but it was adequate and clean.  There was no need for air-conditioning as the temperature was about 20C.  Very pleasant and comfortable. 

We went for the buffet dinner at the First World cafe at 6 p.m. and there was a good spread of food.  We really stuffed ourselves before heading to the Areana of Stars to catch the Tony Orlando concert.    

It was quite a distance from the First World hotel, so you have to give yourself at least 15 minutes to walk there and especially if you have to collect your tickets 45 minutes before showtime.  We saw many oldies like us heading towards the Arena of Stars.

The concert hall was huge!  And the sound system was excellent. As usual, the concert started late, about 20 minutes, I think.  Malaysian time, mah.

Tony Orlando sang all his hit songs plus some other oldies.  Some of his band members sang also.  The concert ended very fast, we felt like as though it was shorter than other concerts.

After the concert, we went outside to enjoy the cool atmosphere and breathe in the fresh air.  It was misty too and drizzling.  Then we walked around the shops and then we felt hungry, so we dropped by this restaurant to have supper.

The beef noodles looks delicious but it was definitely too small a portion for our friend Richard.

The curry laksa was very delicious.  After supper, we went walking around again until almost 1 a.m. when we decided to call it a night.

The next morning we went for the buffet breakfast at the First World Cafe again.  This time, there were so many people that we had to queue up for some of the food.  We didn’t enjoy the breakfast because of the crowd and also because the food had run out. 

After breakfast we decided to go shopping.  Then we decided to go to the Gems of the World which was quite a distance away.  When we reached there, the lady told us that we needed a voucher from the hotel before we could go in.  However, we told her that the hotel guy had said we could go in by showing the computer print-out that I had.  After some ding dong, the lady said, “sorry, we can’t let you in”.  So we decided to give this place a skip. 

At 1.00 p.m. we checked out and  Richard’s  wife complained to the hotel supervisor about the Gems of the World incident.  Then we found out that we were actually supposed to get all the vouchers during check-in.  After some time, the supervisor said we could go have a free lunch and that they would deal with the staff concerned for the oversight. 

We had our free lunch at the Resort World Hotel and then took the cable car down to Gohtong Jaya and drove home.  We had a wonderful time at Genting Highlands although at some places it was crowded with people. A definite plus point is the cool weather.

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Before we left Kuantan, we went to Jalan Besar to buy the keropok, preserved oysters, dried prawns and anchovies and lekor. 

A barber shop in Kuantan.  They still do exist here.

Some of the buildings in downtown Kuantan.

We finally found the shop that was recommended by Ah Loot’s friend who is from Kuantan.  We bought all our stuff from here.

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