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Tiger is camera shy

Tiger doesn’t like his picture to be taken.  Everytime I focus my camera on him, he will turn away.  Sometimes, he will walk away or come towards me when he sees me with the camera.  He is so unlike Max who is very photogenic.

The only time I can take a picture of Tiger is when he’s fast asleep.  Notice the scratch marks on this stool?  They were made worse by Tiger after Max created some holes in them.


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Happy Deepavali

Picture taken in 1 Utama shopping complex

Picture taken in 1 Utama shopping complex

 Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu friends!

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This is Max and he’s looking angrily down from on top the fridge. 

This is Tiger and his wounds have healed and he looks charming even with a broken tail.

Both Max and Tiger aren’t the best of friends.  I think Max is stressing out because we adopted Tiger about a month ago.  Max used to be the king of the house but now he has to learn to share his territory with Tiger and he hates that.  He has been acting strangely, like shitting all over the kitchen area and picking a fight with Tiger.   Since Tiger has such sharp claws, I’m afraid he’s going to demolish Max’s face some day.  Nowadays, Max will rush to his bowl when we put food into it because if he didn’t eat it, Tiger would finish it up for him.  I wonder if Max and Tiger will ever be friends later on.  I certainly hope so otherwise Ah Loot will have to take one of them. 

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Next week, I will have my last Mandarin class before the review by our Lao Shi (teacher) the following week.  I can’t believe that I am about to complete Level 1.  For sure, it wasn’t easy but at least now I can understand some simple Mandarin.

During the course of my Mandarin class experience, I was introduced to several Chinese songs including “Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin”, “Tian Mi Mi”, “Tong Hua” and some folk songs.  I wasn’t much into Chinese songs previously, and don’t own a single Chinese CD.  When I heard the first two songs mentioned earlier which were sung by the late Teresa Teng, I suddenly realised how beautiful and unique her voice was.  I remember that she was very famous during the 70s and 80s while I was growing up.  I have heard her songs but never really took an interest in them.  Teresa Teng has passed away over 13 years ago and I’ve discovered her a bit too late.  The song “Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin” (The Moon Represents My Heart) is such a beautiful song that I have memorised it.  I also found an interpretation of that song here.   To hear this song sung by Teresa Teng click here and Kenny G has his version of this song here.

It is sad to read that she died of a severe asthmatic attack in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 1995 at a young age of 42.  I’m sure at that time, her legion of fans around the world mourned her loss. 

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Last weekend, we went to see the movie, “Mama Mia!” at 1 Utama.  I enjoyed the movie very much because when I was growing up, ABBA was one of my favourite singing groups.  In fact, as the songs were sung in the movie, I was also singing the songs in my head.  I had a good laugh at some parts of the movie.  The Greek island where the movie was filmed looked like a nice romantic getaway.  Overall, it was very entertaining, and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a really good movie.   Actually, I can’t remember when I last stepped into a movie theatre, it was probably five years ago.

Mel purchased the tickets online at the Golden Screen Cinemas Online here.  She chose the seats on the last row.  She said if we get seats with another row of seats behind, we may get children sitting behind who have very itchy legs and can’t stop kicking our seats at the back.  The last row seats were excellent, the screen was large enough for everyone to enjoy the movie and there were no heads blocking our view and best of all, no disturbance from people at the back.

Since we booked the 9.20 p.m. show, we went to have dinner first.  The popular restaurants were full of people so we had no choice but to go to the Restoran Sri Melaka which was almost empty.  I think it survives on the spill over from the restaurants next door.   The nyonya food it serves doesn’t taste like the Malacca food that we’re accustomed to.  But I must say that the restaurant is very clean and service was good.   The price of the food is also expensive.  We spent about RM115.00 for the dishes below and some drinks (for five persons).

The Pandan Chicken was a let down, I wouldn’t recommend it to you.

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Remembering Dad


12 July 1930 – 15 October 2004.  The day my dad was born and the day he died, but what matters most of all is the dash between those years.  For that dash represents all the time that he spent alive on earth and now only those who loved him know what that little line is worth.

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On Sunday, I saw these newly born puppies (all eight of them) on a sidewalk.  Someone had provided a box for the puppies to sleep in.  If these puppies are not adopted soon, I’m afraid they’re going to end up as strays.  I saw the mother of the puppies walking around in search of food. 

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