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Senior Citizen’s lunch

Last month, I joined the senior citizens in my church for lunch (er, I’m not a senior citizen yet, ok?) at a Chinese restaurant at Desa Aman Puri.  The food tasted so-so but who’s to complain considering the price we paid for the food.  Some of the dishes are shown below.

I can’t remember the name of the restaurant nor the price I paid for the lunch (honestly, I’m not a senior citizen).








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Tiger scratching at the scratch pole.  Max doesn’t use it at all.


Ever since Tiger was adopted he has practically taken over Max’s territory.  They are not getting along as well as I hoped.  Catfights happen almost daily and Max has taken to shitting inside the house which is quite unusual.  We suspect Tiger has also been marking his territory also by spraying urine. 

A few days ago, we detected a horrible stink in the store room.  It was definitely the smell of cat faeces.  We went through most of the things in the store room but couldn’t detect any faeces.  I took out some of the things and washed them but the smell is still there.  I will need to clean up the remainder of the stuff this weekend.  I don’t know whether it was Max or Tiger who left his “Mark” in the store room, but we certainly aren’t letting them sleep in the house at night anymore. 

Does anyone out there have any advice on how to deal with these two cats?

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My favourite dessert – ABC


This is my favourite dessert, “Air Batu Kacang” or ABC.  It’s made of iced shavings with jellies, sweet corn, peanuts, beans and “cendol” in it.  All that is topped with coconut milk/evaporated milk, syrup and brown sugar.  Sometimes, ice cream is also added.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken

It’s been ages sincce I last ate at the KFC restaurant.   When I was in college, I used to love Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I usually patronise the restaurant at Sg Wang Plaza because somehow the chicken is crispier and tastier in that particular restaurant.  After a while, I got tired of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, also because the price kept going up and the chicken got skinnier. 

So I was shopping at Tesco Selayang with Ah Loot the other day and since we were hungry we decided to have a snack and ended up at the KFC restaurant.  There wasn’t much choice.  The chicken still tastes the same like how I remember it to be but look at the size of the chicken, it has really shrunk. And guess what?  There’s only chilly sauce here, no tomato sauce at all.


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Just Thai

I was at 1 Utama over the weekend with Ching and we had lunch at this Just Thai restaurant. 


We ordered the Just Thai Appetizer Combo – RM16.00.


The dish on the left is March Mango Salad – RM9.00 and on the right is the Beancurd with chicken mushroom – RM10.00.


This Green Curry Chicken costs RM15.00.


We had the above dishes with rice and the total bill came up to RM69.15 (for two persons including drinks) and after 10% discount when charged to CIMB credit card.

The food was delicious and fresh.  The place looks clean, lighting was pleasant and service was excellent. 

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ASIMO at 1 Utama

I was at 1 Utama last Saturday and looking at the crowd there, you wouldn’t think there’s a recession going on in some parts of the world.  The car park was almost completely filled with cars.  I could only find a car park space on the fifth floor.  I forgot to mention that getting into 1 Utama itself was a hassle as there was a mini traffic jam on the road leading to this shopping complex.  Indiscriminate parking by inconsiderate drivers around the complex made the traffic congestion worse.

There were quite a number of activities going on at the shopping complex.  One was a batik fashion show, I think it was some kind of competition.  And there was also a sign-up for a Batik Run. 


At another part of 1 Utama, a robot named ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) made an appearance.  Many children were attracted to this robot and I found it fascinating too.  It could talk and answer questions.  It could also walk, run, dance, kick a ball and serve drinks.  I couldn’t help laughing when I saw ASIMO run because it looked like an old person running. 

I suppose a robot such as ASIMO could help humans in future.  Maybe I should get one for my mother as a companion because with me, she says it’s like “talking to the wall”.


ASIMO answering questions.


ASIMO dancing with the children


ASIMO serving drinks.

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On Saturday, Ching and I went to watch a Hungarian movie “9 and a Half Dates” which was screened at the GSC cinema in 1 Utama.  We bougnt tickets for the 3 p.m. show but when we entered the movie theatre at around five minutes to 3 p.m, it was completely empty.  I asked Ching if she got the time right and she checked the tickets… yes, it was the right theatre and the right time.  So, where are all these people?  They can’t all be so late.  We got out of the theatre and there was a sign outside that confirmed that we were at the right place.  Then we saw two other people walking in so we went in again.   We were still staring at a blank screen at 3.05 p.m. and it was freezing.  I looked behind and there were a handful of us there.  Ching said, “I am sure it was full house because when I bought the tickets, they told me that only the three front rows were available, all the other seats were taken up”.  Anyway, soon, the advertisements started showing on the screen and some trailers.  I think this is the first time that I had to sit through numerous advertisements before the actual movie began.  

When the movie finally started, I noticed that more people had come in to fill up the theatre.  The movie hit a few technical glitches before it finally rolled on the screen.  For the first fifteen minutes or so, we had to guess what the actors and actresses were saying as it was all in Hungarian and there were no English sub-titles.  The English sub-titles only came on later and I finally managed to follow the story.  It was a nice romantic love story with a predictable happy ending.   

The above movie is one of many shown during the 9th European Union Film Festival happening in KL from 13-23 November 2008.   Tickets are priced at RM5.00 each per show.

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