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A time to renew old friendships


Ah Loot and I went to KLCC Suria today to meet our friends for lunch.  The place was crowded with people, mostly foreigners and tourists.  There were some locals too shopping and spending some family time together.   We couldn’t decide where to go for lunch.  Two of our friends are lactose intolerant and one of them was also coughing badly.  Both Ah Loot and I can eat almost anything.  We walked around a while and finally decided that the food court was the best place to go since we can pick our own choice of food.  I chose this Bengal food consisting of naan, tandoori chicken, vegetables and dhall.  The taste was okay, the chicken was a bit tough.


Vicky chose nasi lemak  ……  I think she misses the nasi lemak when she’s in Mentakab.


Juliana chose the spaghetti.


Ah Loot had chicken and wantan noodle.


For dessert, Ah Loot and I had the durian cendol whilst Vicky had something that looks like a Thai dessert.   After “makan”, we went to Vicky’s apartment for more chit-chat.  Since we hadn’t met in a long time, there was a lot of catching up to do.   Outside Vicky’s apartment, we could see the Petronas Twin Towers and the Ampang Elevated Highway (not sure if it is). 




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Receive a blessing


This is a red packet containing money which all children look forward to receiving during Chinese New Year.  Unmarried people also receive this red packet from married people.

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Kepong Brem Mall

The weather has been very hot and sunny this Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur.  Our friend, Dixie paid us a visit on the first day.  She took a taxi to our house and got a shock when the taxi driver overcharged her.  He didn’t use the meter and demanded that she pay him RM16 which was double what she normally pays when she comes and visit us.  There is only one word to describe this taxi driver but since it’s Chinese New Year, I’m not allowed to say it.

When Dixie decided to go home after spending some time with us, we decided to send her home and also to drop by Kepong Brem Mall.  This place is next to the Crystal Crown Hotel Kuala Lumpur and is quite new. 


The entrance was closed ….. aiya, none of the shops were opened so I just took photos of the decorations inside the mall. 

 These are little golden oxen hanging down.



More golden oxen.


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Happy and prosperous new year


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Happy “Niu” Year


Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my Chinese friends and relatives.  May the new year of the ox bring you good health, prosperity and  happiness. 

I was at Carrefour Kepong on Saturday night with Ah Loot, shopping for food for the reunion dinner and the place was busy with last minute shoppers.  My back and knees are aching from cleaning the house, and I’m glad I don’t have to do any housework today!

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Toyota service centre

On Saturday, I sent my car for maintenance service at the Toyota service centre.  I headed towards the reception counter and told the receptionist that I had an appointment for 10 a.m.   She looked through her list of appointments and couldn’t find my name.  I thought, oh no, don’t tell me these Toyota people bungled my appointment and was about to start swearing when  the receptionist found my name ….. it was on the list for 8.45 a.m.   I was late by one hour because I got the time mixed up (yeah, getting old), but the receptionist said it was okay, they would still accept my car for servicing.  I was relieved as I was told that they work until 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

Within minutes the maintenance guy called me out to inspect my car and advised me on the maintenance work  to be carried out.   

After my car was taken away to the work station, I went up to the customer lounge to wait for about 3.5 hours but the time flew by very fast as there were refreshments provided and many magazines and newspapers to keep me occupied.  There were also two computers which provided internet access.   A few customers were already there at the lounge including one who brought along her daughter (about 9 years old) who hogged one of the computers.  Not that she was surfing the internet or anything.  She was merely watching some cartoons.  Why can’t she just watch the TV which was also tuned to the cartoon channel?  Her mother should have been more considerate and not allow her daughter to hog the computer to watch cartoons.  From the time I stepped into the lounge she was stuck to the computer until her mother’s car was ready which was more than 2.5 hours.    

Anyway, in that 3.5 hours I was there, I observed the people who used the computers.  All were young people, I would say in their twenties.  And I noticed this identical behaviour: 

1)   Walks towards the computer with an expectant look on his/her face and sits on the chair.

2)   Moves the mouse with his/her right hand to click for internet access.

3)   While waiting for access, the left hand moves up to the jaw to cradle it or rub the lower jaw.

4)   Then the fingers attack the keyboard going “click, click, click” as he/she visits the site of his/her choice.

Since the little girl was clearly more interested in the cartoons on the computer than the TV, I decided to change channels.  Took the remote control, pressed a button or two and then hor, the screen went blank.  I then tried to press every other button on the remote but nothing happened.  By then, I was beginning to look silly and fortunately the rest of the people sitting there were too busy reading the newspapers and magazines to notice.  So, I decided to just leave it, after all nobody was watching the TV and it was a bit noisy. 

A few minutes later an Indian lady walked in and tried to bring the TV back to life but as I had messed up the remote control :-; she got a blank screen until one guy went to help her out.  As it turned out, the remote control was for Astro channel and another remote control had to be used to tune in to the TV channels.  Aiyah, how was I to know, I don’t have Astro at home.

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Chinese new year 2009 preparation



Today, I went to Jaya Jusco at Metro Prima Kepong for some last minute shopping.  There are many goodies on sale such as these cookies, especially pineapple and peanut cookies.  There were many shoppers all busy picking up the foodstuffs and drinks they wanted.


The cookie on the left (almond cookie) used to be my late dad’s favourite cookie, and he would never fail to buy at least two tins every Chinese New Year. I don’t really like the cookie, though.


Below is the gold cake, which Ah Loot never fails to buy.  She will fry slices of this cake with yam and they taste really yummy.



A must-have for all Chinese homes, the mandarin oranges.


This dish is the “yee sang” which can now be purchased in a box. 


The following are some popular flowers and plants for Chinese New Year.





This is my favourite barbecued meat, also favourite for the rest of my family members. 



Chinese New Year decorations for the home.




Anyway, happy shopping to all my friends who are celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Don’t pig yourself out with all the food and goodies and hope to catch up during the CNY holiday!

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