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Happy Chap Goh Meh

Happy Chap Goh Meh!!  It is also the Chinese Valentine’s Day for some.  For those single ladies, hope the orange you throw into the river today will find its way to a nice gentleman.  

This is also the end of the Chinese New Year.  Two weeks of feasting and merry-making just flew past.  Now, it’s back to serious work and hoping that the economy will improve fast. 


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Receive a blessing


This is a red packet containing money which all children look forward to receiving during Chinese New Year.  Unmarried people also receive this red packet from married people.

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Happy and prosperous new year


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Happy “Niu” Year


Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my Chinese friends and relatives.  May the new year of the ox bring you good health, prosperity and  happiness. 

I was at Carrefour Kepong on Saturday night with Ah Loot, shopping for food for the reunion dinner and the place was busy with last minute shoppers.  My back and knees are aching from cleaning the house, and I’m glad I don’t have to do any housework today!

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Chinese new year 2009 preparation



Today, I went to Jaya Jusco at Metro Prima Kepong for some last minute shopping.  There are many goodies on sale such as these cookies, especially pineapple and peanut cookies.  There were many shoppers all busy picking up the foodstuffs and drinks they wanted.


The cookie on the left (almond cookie) used to be my late dad’s favourite cookie, and he would never fail to buy at least two tins every Chinese New Year. I don’t really like the cookie, though.


Below is the gold cake, which Ah Loot never fails to buy.  She will fry slices of this cake with yam and they taste really yummy.



A must-have for all Chinese homes, the mandarin oranges.


This dish is the “yee sang” which can now be purchased in a box. 


The following are some popular flowers and plants for Chinese New Year.





This is my favourite barbecued meat, also favourite for the rest of my family members. 



Chinese New Year decorations for the home.




Anyway, happy shopping to all my friends who are celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Don’t pig yourself out with all the food and goodies and hope to catch up during the CNY holiday!

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Bak Chang Festival

Bak Chang is steamed glutinous rice with soya sauce wrapped in bamboo leaves with stuffing made of pork, mushroom, salted egg yolk and beans.  Some have only white bean fillings while the Nyonyas have their own version of chang.  The glutinous rice in the Nyonya chang does not have soya sauce so it is white in colour with a tinge of blue.  The fillings are slightly different.  I think the best nyonya chang I’ve tasted comes from Malacca. 

Although the Bak Chang festival is celebrated once a year (this year it is celebrated today), bak chang is sold every day and the one I bought below costs RM3.50.

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Flowers for Dad and Big Bro

Cheng Beng falls on the 4 of April and at this time of the year, the Chinese visit the graves of their dear departed ones.  Many have already made the trip to the cemetery last weekend to clean the gravesites.  For the believers, they will make food and paper offerings as well.  This year, we didn’t visit my dad’s and Big Bro’s graves.  I remember when my dad was alive, we used to visit my grandparent’s, uncle’s and aunt’s graves, though not every year.  Our visits are confined to only cleaning and putting flowers on the tombstone.

Anyway, Dad and Big Bro, I’m remembering you and these flowers are for you.  


The above was planted by my dad years ago.  He loves orchids actually, but I’ve given them all away and didn’t take any pictures of them. 

The flower below is my grandma’s favourite flower.


I don’t remember Big Bro’s favourite flower and I never knew my grandfather, he died before I was born.  But I think they would like this flower below.


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