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I knitted another shawl


I just completed knitting another shawl.  Ah Loot says the colour sucks, it looks so “jingjang”.   Actually, when I first bought the wool, it was to knit a sweater but it turned out awful and so I decided to do something simpler like a shawl.  Never mind lah, as long as both Max and Tiger (my cats) love sleeping on it.

Here, Tiger is sleeping on the other black shawl I knitted some months ago……



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I finally finished knitting a shawl

I had knitted a sweater about four years ago from wool which my friend Helen bought from Wales.  But the sweater turned out to be too big for me (I miscalculated the measurements) so I left it hanging in my cupboard all these years, still in its virgin state.  Last month, I decided to do something about it and unpicked the whole sweater to knit a shawl.  I browsed the internet and was surprised to find many free knitting patterns and finally chose the Lacey Evening Wrap  pattern for my shawl.  It was easy to knit and it took me about a month to complete.  Here’s the finished product.


It looks more like a rug for Tiger.  The ends are all curled up because I hadn’t ironed them out.

I was also happy to find many knitting instructions on youtube which helped me to remember some of the stitches that I had forgotten. 

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